About me

Who am I?
   I am Carol, divorced crazy mother of an only child. Between the two of us we keep each other wondering if there is any intelligent life on this planet. I read, write, garden and then write some more.
    I am originally from the east coast, Maryland to be exact, moved to Utah nineteen years ago and can't seem to get out.
   I am employed full time, much to my dismay. In my next life I am totally coming back rich instead of beautiful. I mean, you can always buy beautiful.
   My dream is to write full time, preferably on a beach in North Carolina while eating bon bons and drinking wine. Bon bons are optional, the rest is not.

How did I get in your computer?
    I don't quite remember how I started blogging. I think I was googling something and came across the first blog that I loved, The Redneck Mommy, it was all downhill from there. I started reading and following and reading and following and one day, I  thought, I can do that, I have stuff to say too! So here it is, and you are reading it so thanks! As for how it actually got into your computer, you will have to ask someone with way more brain cells than me!

My Life in Pictures
   If you stick around, here are the people you will meet.

 I'm Carol, Hailey's mom, Ivy's Meeees, Katie Cole's Aunt Weinge and the bane of Clementine's existence. I am the bubble bath queen because I truly believe bubble baths and wine fix just about everything.

  Hailey, my beautiful, thinks she's  grown baby girl. She's about to make me a grandma for the first time.

  My little Ivy Love- this is Hailey's little sister from another mother. We think she is pretty freaking awesome.

  Clementine- my poor little doggie. She spends most of her days being embarrassed by my behavior and peeing on the floor for revenge. And yes, that is a googly eye covering the spot where her eye used to be. You can see why she is embarrassed.


The newest member of our family, this is Marcy. 70 pounds of hyper craziness, she is now the reason Clem runs away.

   No list is complete without my bff Trina and our her hubby Clay. She lets me borrow him for yard work and heavy lifting. And they have incredible fashion sense.

I am opinionated, indecisive, vote Democrat, love chocolate, drink way too much wine and am convinced that one day, I will have my shit together.

That's it, you know everything there is to know about me. Feeling better now aren't you?