Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Roots and Wings

Hailey  with Kyle  and 3 others.
5 hrs
So I jumped out of a plane yesterday. It was amazing. Best birthday present ever, thank you dad!

That was my daughter's Facebook update on Sunday. I want to go on record saying that she gets her crazy from her father. 

I am the grounded parent, the logical one. Steady, stable, dependable, predictable. Those are all words that describe me. I am the parent who stays up until all hours of the night until I get a text saying she is home safe. I'm the parent who says you still need vegetables, even as an adult. Sometimes that translates to the boring parent. I'm OK with that. Most of the time.

Hailey's Dad is none of those things. I don't say that to bash him, just that those aren't his strengths. Steve is the parent in constant motion, jumping off things, out of things and scaling everything in sight. He is the parent who says "Go for it" when Hailey  says, I think it would be cool to- insert any dangerous thing that involves climbing too high, falling too far and going too fast.

When Hailey says- "Man, the world is full of crazy people."I say- "You're right, stay here where you are safe." While her father says, "Go, introduce yourself, remember, not all people are crazy and not all crazy is bad."

Sometimes I wanna wring his neck. Other times I'm grateful that he teaches our girl to fly. I've always heard that we have to give our kids roots and wings. I guess between the two of us, we manage to do that. I just wish he could do it a little closer to the ground. 

p.s. the pictures are terrible because I took them with my phone from the video playing on my computer. I'm not one of those fancy people who know how to get still pictures from a video playing on someone else's Facebook.

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