Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Opples and Bononos

If you had small children in the 90's I"m sure you remember that song Barney used to sing, I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas. Well, we are singing it again around here because Bubba loves fruit.

 Anas (bananas)with peanut butter is a favorite and if he is just picking at his food all day you can count on a banana with peanut butter to fill his belly.

Bubba also likes apples, a lot. Not the whole apple, just a bite here and there.

I was talking to Trina about something fairly serious and I started laughing. She thought I was laughing about her problem and I think she was a little offended.

I had to explain that  I had walked into the kitchen and every apple in the fruit bowl had one bite taken out of it. One tiny little toddler sized bite. I should have taken a picture but I forgot because I was laughing too hard.

Does anyone need a dozen apples with one little brown spot and lots of toddler drool?


  1. I am glad to see you are writing here again. I have been checking from time to time and haven't seen anything and today is the first time I have checked in a while. (Obviously) It was good to see you last month when you were in Maryland to visit, I hope to hear from you some time. I will leave it at that for now. My best wishes for you and your happiness and keep writing.

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  4. Well I am caught up in your life until July 2016.. But it is December.. So whats new??? Maureen

    1. I'm working on it! There will be more soon, I promise!


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