Monday, July 4, 2016

Momma turns 70

Last month my mother turned 70. Hailey  and I had been planning for a year to go visit. I'm so glad we were able to make it happen. My sister Angie flew in as well.

Bubba was great on the plane. But if you have ever traveled with a toddler, even if they behave well, it's a nightmare. The amount of stuff we had to take! Since the airline charges $25 a bag we only checked one bag and carried everything else. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies. We each had a carry on bag and a personal bag. We also had a car seat and a stroller to check at the gate.

Dragging all of that stuff and a toddler through multiple airports is not anyone's idea of a good time. Hailey was help up at security because the drink pouches that we packed for the baby were suspicious so she had to get rid of them. It took forever and Bubba was not happy about it because in the stuff they were going through was his Hulk and he wanted it. I told him they had to check everything so carefully because Hulk had such big muscles.

After making it through security we had to find somewhere to eat while also keeping track of our mountain of possessions. Another fun experience. Restaurants in airports are not big enough to hold those carts that you can rent to pile your belongings on. I was already stressed and couldn't get to the bar to get a drink!

Airport stuff aside it was a wonderful trip and I can't wait to do it again. I wanted to get a picture of all four generations while i was there, but I forgot until we were leaving for the airport so I got a picture of my mom and dad, Hailey and Bubba.

I made my Momma a quilt for her birthday with pictures of all of her loves and had everyone sign it. Then I forgot to take a picture of it. Luckily, my sister in law Meg got this one.

It was so wonderful to spend time with my parents but even more wonderful was seeing them fall in love with Bubba and he with them. My sweet grandson became my father's shadow. The first thing he asked for when he woke up each day was his Pop Pop. And Pop Pop's tractor!

We visited people I haven't seen in years and it was so fun to catch up. We drank a lot of beer, ate a lot of crabs and just loved on these people we so rarely get to see.

 We were able to catch up with my friend Tracey and her daughter Danielle. Danielle was Hailey's first friend.

And here I am with my three of my siblings, Tony, Angie and John

And the girls, my sister Angie and my sister in laws, Meg and Cindy

My nephew Declan had a blast in the swing with his "watermillion"

And we made sure to visit my grandparents as well. The Hulk enjoyed the flowers.

It was a really nice visit but there's no place like home!

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