Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dressing for the symphony using what you have

The same day that Hailey's father so recklessly threw her out of a plane, he also took her to the symphony.

My girl lives in black skinny jeans and t-shirts so we needed to come up with an outfit. While going through her closet we came up with two choices, a long black skirt and a black skirt she made out of tulle and lace.

Neither one seemed right. And none of the geeky t-shirts she owns seemed fitting either.

Hailey decided to put the black skirt over the poufy skirt, see how it looked, and then ask her Dad to take her shopping for a shirt. As she was pulling the black skirt over her head, when it got to her bust line, I was inspired, I told her to stop, that the skirts looked cute layered like that.

She looked in the mirror, spun a little and said, "This makes me look chunky." Then she grabbed the sides of the black skirt and pulled them to middle saying "If we could just stick this here, it would be cute."

I grabbed my grandmother's brooch, pinned that skirt in the middle, she threw on a black tank top to give the illusion of straps, her grandmother's pearls and my girl was symphony ready.

As a side note, the symphony was actually an outdoor concert where everyone sat on blankets on the grass. My girl may have been a tad over dressed.


  1. Love it! And so resourceful!

    Hey, there is no such thing as overdressed...especially this day and age where people wander around in public in their pj's!

  2. Hailey loves to dress up, she feels like a princess. Of course, most of the time she is covered with unidentifiable toddler mess so I can see why she wants to dress up!


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