Saturday, July 2, 2016

Are you still here? I am, for now!

It's been forever, again. I would apologize and say I will do better but if you've learned anything about me you know that while I mean well, my follow through is not there.

Life is nothing if not interesting. I've moved out of my house into a tiny little apartment and I love it! Some days I miss the room I had, the garage and my yard. Mostly I'm just happy to be done with the stress.

Hailey and my sweet grandson are literally next door now so I still see them everyday. I'm not sure I would be ok if that wasn't the case.

My sweet little Bubba is growing so fast and becoming very opinionated. I always ask him if he is Nanny's boy but he says " No, Momma boy." Little stinker. He will however say that he is Nanny's darling face and that make this grandma's heart so happy.

Today Hailey is jumping out of an airplane. I swear she is adopted, I won't even jump off a stool and airplanes require multiple drinks. She is her father's daughter. Bubba is with his father for the weekend. So I have some free time while I'm trying to distract myself from the thought that MY DAUGHTER IS JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE!

I't been a weird week. Hailey's father is in town so she and Bubba have been spending all of their free time with him while he is here. I'm glad Steve is getting to see them but the selfish part of me wants them here with me!

Thursday Steve and his wife went to a wedding so Hailey and Bubba were home. I was playing in the dirt with Bubs when he fell and hurt him bottom. The picture below if of him backing up so I could kiss it. I had to laugh, generation after generation we kiss their boo boo's and are still surprised when we hear, " My butt, hurt, kisses." I love you little man but I'm not gonna kiss your butt!

I have a few more blogs floating around in my head, I'm going to try to get them written out today. So many words fighting in my head, I should let them out!

Til next time


  1. I'm still here! Not as often as I once was but still here. Lucky you, having your grandson so close. I'm sure you are enjoying him.

  2. Thanks for sticking around my friend!


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