Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Time flies and hair grows

  I can't believe it's already September. Where has the time gone? I thought time flew by when Hailey was a baby but now that Bubba has joined the family, time is speeding by even faster.

My grandson has an incredible head of hair. All those curls! His Momma was determined not to cut it until he was at least two. She loved the curls, even if people did frequently think he was a girl.

One day last week this little guy came up to his mother, pulled his hair and said "Cut, please" then signed thank you and went back to playing.

Hailey laughed for a minute but he was serious and kept waving to everyone and trying to get his mother to leave.

His dad and I met them at the salon and he climbed up in the chair and sat perfectly still while he got his hair cut.

This kid has no fear, although his momma cried.

 And suddenly, a little boy lives in our house. What the hell.


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