Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Can a house really hate a person?

I truly think my house hates me. Just when I think everything is going ok, my house decides that maybe I'm having a little too much fun!

 In July the water main between my house and the street started leaking, of course it was on my side of the water meter so it was my problem. You may remember that I quit my job in May so that was a little stressful. $600 later, it's fixed.

 We had some really high winds a few months ago and my fence developed a lean. Not being well versed in fence repair I did what any self respecting redneck would do- I took some clothesline and tied that fence to a tree.

 I kept meaning to find a more permanent solution, even going as far as to buy some concrete. But, as happens frequently, I forgot about my leaning fence and went about my life.

Last night the damn rope broke so when I woke up this morning the entire fence was leaning waaaaay over into my neighbors yard.

So, at 8am this morning I was digging holes and mixing cement. I have no idea if I did it right, I didn't have any braces so I had to use shelf brackets and more rope. That damn fence is tied to everything that is nailed down.

It's rained most of the day so I have no idea how that will affect my newly supported fence posts. I guess the concrete will dry out eventually. In the meantime my backyard is an obstacle course with all the rope tied to everything.  It's gonna make it really hard to mow!


  1. I am truly in awe of your "I will tackle anything" attitude. You really are an amazing woman. I hope the fence is upright for good!!

    1. Thanks Barb, I just close my eyes and jump in, I figure everyone has to learn sometime! And it's still raining so I have no idea if it's gonna stand!

  2. Well on the bright side...mowing season is almost over and I'm sure by the end of Spring that concrete will be set! ;-)


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