Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The age of change

  No, I'm not talking about menopause, not this time anyway. I'm talking about this time in my life when nothing seems to be what I need anymore.

  My job, my house, everything seems like a bad fit. So I'm changing it up. The same thing is happening to one of my friends who is just a few years younger than I am so I'm chalking it up to age.

  Is it because I'm still single? Is that causing the unsettled feeling? I still date occasionally but usually as soon as I do I am almost instantly reminded why dating is a bad idea.

  I'm busily looking for a job even though the thought of being stuck in a cubicle again makes me want to gag, I know I need an income. There are no rich relatives in my family tree.

  I want to sell my house, I want to ride my bike every day, I want to visit with friends, I want to write, I want to watch the sun rise and set, I want to listen to my grandson laugh. None of those things involve marketable skills.

  I'm trying to find ways to create an income without sacrificing my life to a cubicle again. I'm pretty determined so I have no doubt I'll succeed, the question isn't if, it's when. How long will it take to replace my income.

   I'll have to work for a while, I don't like it but it's the reality. The mortgage company doesn't want to hear that I just don't feel like working anymore.

  Being off for the last month has reminded me how much I've been missing. I don't want to wait until I'm 65 or 70 and can retire to really live my life. I want to live it now, while I can enjoy it. Before that aches and pains and worries that I'm sure are coming have taken over.

  I'm not sure what the point of this post was but once again, it was in my head so here you go!


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Living a life of leisure

 I may have mentioned that I quit my job. That was over a month ago so it's time to get serious about finding a new one. I've been looking, have even gone on a few interviews but so far, the one I want hasn't called and the one that has made an offer was way too low.

 I have two more interviews scheduled for this week so I'm sure something will turn up. In the meantime I'm trying to find my passion. Me and everyone else I think!

  I have a few books that I've been working on for years so I want to finish at least one of those and I'm working on making this blog into a book. I think it will be funny, we shall see!

  My biggest problem is procrastination. I thought that once I was home all day I would get so much done. I was going to be super productive!

  Then I remembered that home or in the office, I'm still me, so most days I do a whole lotta nothing! Like today. I had a job interview at 10:30 and then I went to Savers, and walked around for two hours!

  I did clean the basement so that's something. Of course, cleaning my basement won't pay the bills but it does give me a nice, organized space for sewing something,

  Just as soon as I get the motivation. In the meantime, I should weed the vegetable garden.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Just a good ole boy

   I have been seriously neglecting my blog. I'm sure all two of my followers are soooo disappointed. As usual, I have much to say but it just won't come out in any way that makes sense!

  So today I thought I would introduce you to the man in my life. I think he is pretty spectacular, he has the best smile and a beautiful head of hair. He's so pretty, he could be a girl, but he's not.

  His Momma picked the most beautiful name for him but to respect their privacy I'm just going to use his family name, Bubba. Seems that all the boys in our family are Bubba's. Not sure how that happened out here in sunny Utah!

  So here he is! This beautiful boy turned one in April and oh the joy he has brought into my life. My two favorite people on the planet in this one picture! Mo and Bubba, seems fitting!

Hailey used the same studio for Bubba's newborn and one year pictures. I love that they used the same chair.

And that pose with the crown? That's just a small taste of the craziness that is this boy! He definitely is a ball of energy and never stops moving. Completely different from his Momma as a baby... of course she was way too chubby to move very fast back then!

 Expect to see more of that face. Also, just to make having a grandson even better, my best friends grandson was born just six weeks after mine and they attend daycare together so we are grooming them to be crazy best friends, just like their grandmas!