Monday, February 3, 2014

It's a long wait for football, I should probably get a hobby.

 Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday, in case you were living under a rock or something. I love football, I may have mentioned that I named my daughter after a quarterback.

  I was disappointed that my team didn't make it to the big game so I decided to stay home, watch the game and maybe sew a little.

  I still needed guacamole, after all, it's football. We were going to get some hot wings but since Hailey had been nauseous since 4am, hot wings were better left out.

  The dogs had been driving me crazy all day long, especially Marcy. The thing about border collies is they need a job. If they don't have a job they pretty much make everyone around them crazy. I decided to teach her to make guacamole.

   I know what you're thinking, opposable thumbs and all, but she quietly laid at my feet the whole time I was describing the process to her. It was the only time all day she had been still. Maybe listening is her job.

    I learned something about myself by describing the process out loud- I have no idea what I'm doing. The instructions went something like this:

   "After the avocados are mashed up  add some chili's, not the whole can, just as much as you need. Then add lime juice, how much? As much as you need. Don't forget the Parmesan cheese, except we don't call it Parmesan it's parkenjon cheese because that's what Tony called it when he was little. How much parkenjon cheese? As much as you need."

   How much exactly is as much as you need? No idea. Anyway, the guacamole was made in time for the big game. And just so you know- when the dog makes guacamole she uses too much salt so you might want to keep an eye on that.




  1. that was such an uneventful superbowl, but at least you had good guac!

    1. Good guac does cover a multitude of sins!


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