Friday, January 3, 2014

You may have a craft addiction....

There are so many things to make. Pinterest is evil! If I spend one minute on Pinterest I find ten things I. Must. Make.Now. Of course, the only way I could possibly do all the cute things on Pinterest would be to become a "kept" woman. Just quit my job and craft all day, never worry about paying a bill or mowing a lawn. Yeah, right!

Our Christmas was very quiet, just Hailey, Mason and I. For some insane reason Hailey still insists on getting up at 5am. This year it made me smile. I know next year she will have to wait patiently for the baby to wake up because by December she will know better than to wake a sleeping baby. Then she will have a few years that she will have to wait for the little one to get up but then come the years when she will be up half the night putting things together, wrapping, stuffing stockings, only to close her eyes for five minutes before he wakes up. Kinda makes me giggle, paybacks are coming little Momma.

Anyway, all of that was to so I could say that after Hailey opened her gifts, she went back to sleep. There was nothing for me to do but craft, so I made these:

Hailey and I then spent the weekend making phone covers. Fun and cute! Since we are being blessed with two little boys this spring I made them matching blankets, silky on one side, minky on the other.

And, last but not least, my headstart on next years Christmas gifts. My brother has been  a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan since he was little, so when I saw  this little project on Dollar Store Crafts I knew I had to make them. Here is my version. Forgive the crappy pictures, I'm a blogger not a photographer, I know it's cool to be both but I'm not.

That's it for now. I hope to post more crafts and even a few tutorials in the future. My blog needs a make over, the pink is not doing it for me anymore but that is a project for another day!

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