Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's in a name?


 I need some help. My grandson will be here soon and I can't decide what he should call me. My mother says it doesn't matter, he will call me what he wants, but I don't want to leave it up to an infant, I need to be ready!

   My parents are Nan Nan and Pop Pop to the kids. My sisters are both Nanny to their grandson's, and I don't know who I want to be.

   I know I don't want to be grandma- that's not me, so what are my choices? I've made a list of some I like and some that have been mentioned.

Bubbie- this is my number one favorite, I think it's cute and easy for the baby to say. Hailey says it sounds like a Jewish grandmother and we are not Jewish.

Mimi- at first I though this was cute then my mother reminded me of Mimi from the Drew Carrey show and that is all I see now when I think of that name.

Mom Mom- not my favorite but it works for some people.

Maw Maw- this is Hailey's favorite, from Raising Hope, it's what they call Cloris Leachman and Hailey says I am as crazy as she is. I don't think so. Me Maw and Maw Maw both remind me of a tobacco chewing woman with no shoes, bad eyes who gums all her food. Ok, so that describes me except for the tobacco chewing and the teeth I paid for but whatever.

Grammy- this one is cute but I don't want it to be grandma one day.

Granny- I used to love this, now it reminds me that I'm going to need a pacemaker soon.

  Give me some ideas people, these names are not doing it for me. I want something cute, easy for the baby to say, that doesn't make me sound like I'm ancient.


  1. It truly is us to the child. Yes you can refer to yourself by a name you want but while they are learning to speak, some other variation is likely to come out. I started out a Grammy and it was easier for Kali to say Guppa for Rich and that turned into Gumma and then Grandma! You're going to be so in love with this child you won't care!!

  2. Congrats on the new baby!!! I think its up to the child too, but of course that is how I called mine Namie and Pawp, haha.

    1. I loved my grandparents so much, i think I'm more worried about being a good grandma so I'm focused on something silly like a name!


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