Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The sound of music

   My family is very musical. Not me, just my family. They pay me not to sing or participate in anything musical. The only place I'm allowed to sing is church because those people are not my family and therefore not quite as honest.

    My daughter and my niece both love to sing and have very beautiful voices. It's my favorite thing about having one of them live with me, they are always singing.

    Going on road trips with the kids in my family is so much fun, because they all sing along to everything, and make a production of it, even in the car.

    On Saturday Hailey and I had my niece's baby for the day. Neko is the happiest little guy but he was a little sleepy in the car so he was crying. I tried talking to him, humming a little bit, talking louder, nothing worked until Hailey started singing.

   Kayla sang to Neko the whole time she was pregnant and as soon as Hailey started singing one of those songs Neko settled right down and went to sleep.

  It's amazing to watch. Neko is completely soothed by songs that his Momma sings to him. Hailey sings to her little man all the time and there will be songs that he will instantly recognize, I'm looking forward to seeing that.

  When Hailey was little I sang to her all the time. Her father said I wasn't singing her to sleep, she was going to sleep in self defense but it didn't matter. Even though I am tone deaf and can't carry a tune, it still soothed my baby.

  Of course as soon as she was a bit older she would demand I not sing to her, but it was nice while it lasted. I can't wait to sing to my grandson, I'm going to sing old gospel songs to him just like my grandmother did to all of us. I'm so looking forward to being his crazy grandmother!

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