Monday, January 13, 2014

Organization is futile, give up now

 I publicly shamed myself, on here and on Facebook a week or so ago. My craft room was out of control and in need of some serious organization. I figured if I showed everyone how bad it was, I would do something about it.

 I worked all weekend and every day after work. I folded every single piece of fabric I own. I made these little bolts out of cardboard to wrap the fabric around, they worked perfectly.

  Then I organized them in plastic storage drawers by color, aren't they lovely?

  I made little storage bins for all my random scrap that are too small for much but too big to throw away. They even have a little window. Also, I may drink too much coffee.

  I made a little organizer for my scissors and pens and other miscellaneous stuff that lives on my sewing machine. I will cover it will some pretty scrapbook paper but I didn't want to get sidetracked.

  I used a curtain rod to store all my ribbons and tape so they would be easily accessible.

  I put everything in bins and containers it was all organized and pretty. Doesn't it look lovely?

  I closed the door Wednesday evening, secure in the knowledge that now I can easily find things. My crafting life is in order. The sun is shining, birds are singing, life is good.

  Then, the very next day, I am not kidding, the very next freaking day, my daughter tells me she needs to come home.

  You may remember that my daughter is pregnant. The basement is chilly, and there are spiders. The master bedroom is still in the process of being remodeled. What's the other option? That's right, my lovely, organized craft room.

  Saturday she moved back in which means my craft room moved to the basement. It now looks like this.

  My only consolation is that everything is organized, I just need to find places for it all in the basement now instead of in the craft room. It has always been  my plan to move my craft room to the basement, but that was after painting and new carpet and some other improvements. But hey, who doesn't want a purple and pink craft room?

  Guess that's what I get for organizing, I hope I learned  my lesson.


  1. Ok, so sometimes I think my mom should have named me Pollyana. But maybe you got everything organized so it could be ready for your daughter and her baby. You just didn't know it. Good job!

    1. Marilee that's what I'm telling myself too. There is always a bright side and I'm determined to find it!

  2. Ah, the empty-but-not-so-empty nest syndrome! I feel your pain. As soon as I get organized, it seems like we have to move the organization to a storage room, or another room or disorganize it all. One day, they'll grown up. Meanwhile, we count our blessings. Cheering your on from the SITS Tribe building bootcamp ;).

    1. I know I'll be sad when she does grow up and leave me for real, so I'm trying to remember that when I'm in the purple craft room. Thanks for stopping by!


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