Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lessons from that crazy dog

I woke up this morning and when I let the dogs out I was greeted by about two inches of new snow. Great, gotta shovel. I made my coffee and read some blogs, putting off going outside to shovel. The whole time this face was staring at me:

Marcy loves the snow, she loves everything about it. She will run with her head down, making tunnels with her snout and then she jumps in the air like a deer, but my favorite thing is when she is running with her tongue sticking out like she is trying to catch snowflakes.

Watching Marcy play and the snow doesn't seem so bad. I could learn a lot from that dog. She has no expectations, she believes everything is wonderful, today is an adventure, this minute is marvelous.

I  believe I need to be more like my dog. Happy, grateful, silly and playful. Not the one eyed one of course, she still thinks I'm an embarrassment.


  1. I honest-to-god thought you quit blogging entirely. I was so glad to see this post and just read your last 4. Lots of new great things to come in 2014. Being a grandma is the most rewarding and fulfilling love I have known. Being a mother doesn't let you relish in the joys and beauty because you're too busy. I know you're going to be awesome at it. I love your 'meth' lab too. He's gorgeous. Happy New Year to you!!

    1. Thanks Barb, I didn't think I had anything to say, turns out, once again, you can't get me to shut up!


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