Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How many blankets does one baby need?

  When Hailey moved home the first thing she did was organize all the baby stuff that has been given to her. Until I finish my master bedroom she and the baby will be sharing a room so it has to be organized.

   On Saturday she did three loads of laundry, for the baby. Someone who isn't even born yet may already have more laundry than I do.

   Hailey has been fortunate, she knows several people who have recently had babies and Hailey has been the lucky recipient of their hand me downs.

   As she washed the laundry she was making a list of everything she already has so she would know what she didn't need to put on her shower registry. When everything was said and done we discovered she already had 22 receiving blankets. 22. How many babies is she having?

   It's funny in a way, and sad in other ways. I think about all the people who have babies with no money or support, who would love to have one receiving blanket, and Hailey has 22.  We will be finding new homes for the majority of those, there is an emergency family shelter close to us, I'm sure they could use them.

  Just another example of how truly blessed we are, even though it doesn't always seem that way. I really need to remember to count all of my blessings, even if they come disguised as receiving blankets.

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