Monday, January 6, 2014

Hoarder Shaming

 My name is Carol and I'm a craft supply hoarder. I posted this picture to Facebook on Saturday to shame myself into finishing the job I was losing interest in.

  See, on top of being more than a little OCD about most things in life, when it comes to crafting my ADHD truly shines. I can't focus, I start one thing, and before I know it I have four new projects, and all the debris that goes with them. Not to mention the ten thousand unfinished projects I have laying around.

  That's why I never put anything away. I need it, to finish this, or that, or start something else.

  So instead of putting things away, I close the door. Fiddle-dee-dee, I'll worry about it tomorrow. But tomorrow, I will find yet another project to start.

  I gotta stop! I'm fortunate enough to have a craft room, it deserves some organization. This is my first major project of the year and I'm making it public so I have to finish it. The really scary thing is that since Hailey left home to grow a human of her own I have a total of four rooms that I can fill with craft supplies.

  I may need an intervention. I'll let you know. On the bright side, the room is coming together. I hope to have a post about my stunning organizational skills by the end of the weekend.

  Oh, and to shame myself further, that picture was taken after spending eight, count 'em, 8!! hours organizing fabric.

   And hey, I found a basket of clean towels that I thought were lost forever and Ivy's pajama bottoms that I haven't seen since August. And a few Christmas presents that I forgot I bought, but it's ok, they were edible, and I'm eating them. Getting organized one bite at a time.


  1. Are you sure this is your craft studio? I could swear you came over to my studio and took a picture, cuz that's what my space looks like! I don't know about facebook shaming, but the trick that works for me is to invite a fellow artist/crafter over to work on a project. Granted you have to invite them to come over in about 2-3 weeks time, but if you're like me you do everything in your power to get the room ready.

    I wandered over cuz I saw you are doing OLW and I was intrigued by your blog name. I like it. I will visit again.

    1. We must be crafting soul sisters! Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I will have lots of things to say about OLW. I'm still trying to remember to incorporate it every day!


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