Thursday, February 21, 2013

Say something dammit!

So, I’m lazy. There is no other excuse. My poor little blog has been sitting here, alone and unattended for a while now. I’d like to make excuses but the reality is, I’m lazy.
I’m not lazy in my mind, in my mind, I’m gonna do great things. My to-do list right now looks like this:
1.Build workbench for the garage.
2. Make some purses to put on Etsy.
3. Make a few baby quilts.
4. Work on the yoyo quilt.
5. Start a hexagon quilt
6. Hats for Christina
7. Work on my novel
8. Write a blog post
9. Start a new craft blog
10. Go to the thrift store.
11. Revamp furniture I find at the thrift store.
12. Make a dollhouse for Ivy.
13. Make some skirts for Ivy to wear to kindergarten
14. Paint peg people for the dollhouse I’m going to make.
That’s not the whole list, I got tired of typing. The problem is, I start things, but never finish them. I buy fabric for quilts. When I get it home it needs to be washed. I wash it, notice that the laundry needs to be done. Gather all the laundry.
Back to the craft room to work on the applique quilt that’s not even on the list. Notice fabric for purses. Run to Hobby Lobby to get grommets for purse. Come home and switch out the laundry. Walk the dog. Pick out the yarn for baby hats. Switch the laundry. Go online to get ideas for purses, find a funny blog. Read until bedtime.
Tomorrow I will do it all over again. Shit. I will get to these things but in the meantime I’ve found some new blogs that make me laugh until I snort coffee out of my nose and those ladies have reminded me why I love blogging. I’m going to get better about it, everything else can wait.

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  1. I know the feeling, my friend! Too much to do, so little time.


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