Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh January,why must you hate me?

First let me just say it's freaking cold outside!!! I know I live in Utah but 12 degrees is pushing my patience. Add that to some bad news at work and I'm just gonna say that 2013 is starting out to be MORE of a pain in the butt than I bargained for.

And, just in case I was getting complacent, my daughter is having an allergic reaction to work. I know, sounds silly, I say I'm allergic to work every time I have to go there but she is actually having a mild anaphylactic reaction to something at work. They have had to send her home early three times due to hives and difficulty breathing. I would say the kid just wants to sleep in but she doesn't have to be there until 10:30 and she actually likes her job. It's a little scary to say the least as each time the reaction gets a little worse and we have no idea what it is.

So, for today, I think more wine is in order. At least I'm getting more of something and that is what 2013 is all about. I need to work on my resume as well, just in case the bad news at work today becomes worse news. I should probably do that before the wine. Happy freaking Wednesday, hope your day was MORE better than mine.

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  1. I hope your news doesn't become worse - keeping my fingers crossed.

    What is her company doing about the reaction? Are they at least investigating?


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