Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Ivy

As part of my resolution to spend more time with the people I love, I'm spending time with Ivy. This kid cracks me up, every single time.

At four she has quite the imagination and has started telling stories that she has made up.

Ivy went downtown with us to see the lights before Christmas, her favorite parts were the Nativity scenes and she sang to all the baby Jesus', it was precious.

On Christmas day she came to spend the night and  told me she had a sad story to tell me. It was about baby Jesus, she saw the baby Jesus, he was just a baby but then he died. She said this in her best little sad face.

Last night we were cuddling on the couch, with my 49ers blanket and she told me she wanted to tell me a story, and it was a true story.

This is the story in Ivy speak, don't you love how four year olds can't pronounce all their letters?

So dis one day, I was in my woom and under my bed, was a zommie. A real zommie, he crashed through the window and broke it. Den he was under my bed. It was so way treepy. Den my mom came in and she dropped a weally sharp knife, and the zommie died.

The storytelling is cute but the expressions on her face when she is telling it are priceless. Occasionally she gives me these little glances out of the corner of her eye to see if I'm believing it, cracks me up!

I'm so grateful for four year olds, it really is the best age.


  1. Yes, four is a good age. A VERY talkative age (if my son was an indicator) but a good one.

    1. Yes, four is good. They don't move out, get married or go to college. And they still take naps!


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