Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Look at me, I'm doing it!

Happy January 1st. I know it's the first day but I'm still proud of my selfish ability to give myself more!

First I slept in- more sleep! If you know me at all you know I am usually up by 7, this morning I woke at 7 but made myself go back to sleep until 9! I can hardly believe it. Of course I was in bed before 11 and Hailey had to wake me up at midnight so I could see the new year in but I went immediately back to bed.

I also made a calendar! I know, exciting stuff going on over here. It's part of my more frugal, be more creative thing.

I usually spend at least $15 on a calendar and then stick it in the kitchen where I never see it so I have to buy another calendar to put above my desk. Well not this year! I looked online and found that there are some super talented people out there who design calendar pages and then upload them to their blogs and shops so that less talented people like me can print them FOR FREE!!

I got my calendar pages from a cute little site,  Ellinee.com, there are lots of other cute printables on this site or just google free printable calendars and you will find a ton.

So I printed out my calendar pages, grabbed some scrapbook paper, a glue stick, some ribbon and a hole punch and suddenly I had a new calendar!

It was the easiest thing ever, just glue the calendar pages to the scrapbook paper, use a hole punch to poke holes in the top and hang. Mine is hanging from two small nails, the ribbon was just to dress it up. I think it turned out cute, but now I realize I need a bulletin board for the wall behind my desk.

So that is my super exciting New Years eve and day. Hope your day is wonderful.

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  1. Very clever! I'd try it but I got two (count 'em; TWO) calendars for Christmas; so I think I'm covered for this year.

    And, for the record? I was asleep by 11:15 too. Happy New Year.


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