Thursday, January 3, 2013

And you, you are my favorite

I love my job, I just don't understand some of the people who work there.

We have a new guy at work. He thinks he is God's gift to the world and regularly spends his time hitting on all the young girls in the office. I wonder if they all know he is currently married to wife number three and not even in his mid thirties yet?

Anyway, this man and I have bumped heads before because, you know, I'm a woman and therefore, inferior. Like the time that I told him it is not polite to refer to our new boss, who is as little older than he is as "that chick." When I told him it was inappropriate he reminded me that only women on a power trip don't like being called chick by their employees.  So glad he cleared that up for me.

During the election he said Obama only won because of all the "chocolate voters". Guess I'm white chocolate because I voted for him. And his use of the word retarded to describe anything he doesn't agree with, including having to pay child support, makes me want to poke out his eyes with my Sharpie.

Today I found out why I have a problem with him, apparently I'm a Neo Nazi and I didn't even know it. I asked him a question and the response I got was " What are you, a freaking Neo Nazi?" 

Hell, I had to google it to find out what it means. But if I understand this correctly, the man who always talks about the chocolate voters, illegal Mexicans, women and the handicapped, thinks I'm a member of a hate group. I think one of us may be confused.

I think he's a good sales person but considering that half our office is women, he might need some coaching. I tried to help him, I really did, like telling him it's not polite to laugh when a woman has an idea.

Oh well, some people just can't be helped. All I can do at this point is stand back so none of his blood gets on me when someone goes postal on him.

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  1. Report him to HR. Seriously. This guy needs someone to put a boot in his.....well, you know.


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