Monday, December 31, 2012

For 2013 I want........MORE!

This is going to be my year to live abundantly. Every year I make resolutions, every year I fail, pretty miserable actually. This year as I was gathering up the random scraps of paper to put together 2013's list of resolutions I realized something, they all involve giving up something!

Quit smoking.
Lose weight.
Stop procrastinating.
Don't be a bitch. ( I think that sticky note was from Hailey)
Stop using credit cards.
Stay out of the wine bottle.

You get the idea. Well, I'm tired of it! This year I am channelling my inner toddler and dammit I want more of everything!

Instead of listing all the things I want to give up and walking around miserable for  the 36 hours I manage to give them all up, this year, I'm only resolving to give myself MORE!!

So, for 2013 here is what I resolve:

Write more.
Read more.
Take more bubble baths.
Be more frugal.
Exercise more.
Be more creative.
Make more crafts.
Be kind more often than necessary.
Be more healthier. ( Really bad grammar, I know, I had to get more in there!)
Drink more water.
Be more positive.
Be more me rather than who I think others want me to be.
Write more letters, on pretty stationary, and actually mail them.
Spend more time with people who make me happy.
Volunteer more.
Laugh more.
Love more.
Live more.

I think I can do this! After all, how do you measure more? Most of these things if I do them twice I will be doing them more than I am now so I'm already winning!

Part of my more goal is to share all of this with you, that way if I fall down you can pick me up and kick me in the butt to get me going. Just remember the sticky note from Hailey and kick softly!

Happy New Year! May 2013 shower you with more of everything you want. Unless the things you want more of require rehab or penicillin shots at the free clinic, I have to draw the line somewhere!


Say it, you know you wanna!