Monday, July 9, 2012

There goes the neighborhood.....

Notice the plywood covering the garage door

Well hello there, nice of you to come back since I’ve been severely neglecting my blog. I promise to do better, whatever that means.

Lots of stuff going on in my world, I bought a new car, my daughter and son in law are crazy and the dog keeps peeing on the floor. But enough about me, this is about my neighbors.

I wrote a post about them before, you can read it here, and just in case you think it’s gotten better, I’m here to tell you, the freaks are multiplying.

The house next door is a tiny three bedroom split level and there are at least eight adults and three kids living in there. The exact count is up in the air because I never see the same people twice.

They also have a camper in the backyard where a man and a woman live with an infant. Like I said, they keep multiplying.

I love kids, I really do. These kids next door make me want to send all children to reform school. They play in the street constantly, and use my driveway as a ramp. I don’t really mind, except when I come home at ten at night and my driveway is full of their toys. So full I have to park the car in the street so I can move the toys and pull in the garage. I know, it’s a pain in the ass, but not the end of the world.

Next they picked every single flower in my front flower bed. All the roses, daisies, African daisies, columbine, if it bloomed, they picked it. Needless to say I was pissed, especially since I already talked to them about it. I would talk to their parents but I’m not sure who they are.

Friday I was cleaning my car so I could trade it in and the kids are playing in my driveway and begging me to let them have all of Ivy’s toys when the boy across the street pulls in on his little motorcycle and a girl pulls in behind him on a scooter. This was a new development because I thought he was gay, not that I care, but the girl was a new twist.

Anyway, the kids all run over to them and start talking. At first it’s very innocent, “I really like your motorcycle,” and that kind of thing.

Then one of the little girls, the four year old, asked this young girl if she was going to have sex with the neighbor boy. I thought the poor girl was going to die. It went on and on, with the little kids telling her to just take off her clothes and have sex, they do it all the time.

The girl on the scooter just stood there, I think she was in shock. I finally looked over to the neighbors house where yet another person I had never seen was sitting on the porch. I asked her if she could hear the kids and then told her what they were saying.

I don’t even know what to say about this. I would like to talk to them and get them to clean things up a little but I overheard one of the guys in the back yard say “when I was in prison” in a conversation and that pretty much killed my need to confront them.

Also, there’s a weird guy over there who talks to God and waters the fence, yes the fence, not the yard because that is dead from the dogs that are running around over there.

 What do you think are the chances I could sell this house without the new owners noticing the neighbors?

A portacrib, and outhouse and a weight bench

Yes, those are actual pictures of my neighbors yard. Notice the portable crib in the backyard? Guess there’s no room in the trailer.


  1. omg... this sounds alot like the neighbors my parents have 8 mexican families in a 3/4 bedroom house...

  2. Everyone asks me if they are Mexican, the Mexican's in my neighborhood have beautiful homes. This is pure American, white trash!

  3. is there enough visible to start making complaints to the city? maybe they can be enticed to move. michael c

  4. CPS for the welfare of the kids..and probably sexual abuse. City zoning ordinance about the trailer. The fire Marshall for over occupation. City over conditions on the property. Police for drug dealing...especially if there are people coming and going. Toys...donate them to goodwill..quietly put them in your car when you have to clean them up and donate them the following day.

  5. Ummm, yeah....I'm thinking the authorities might need to get involved here. Yikes!


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