Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My New Car

Just kidding, it's someone's pride and joy but not mine.

You know, as crazy as my neighbors make me, today, I’m thankful it’s not worse.

I recently saw this car driving around town. Just in case you think someone punked this lady, let me tell you , all this stuff is glued on this car. It’s insane. Make the pictures as large as you can so you can see all the wonderful treasures she has collected.

There is a piggy bank, some Buddah’s, a one dollar bill in plexiglass, a Nativity set, a huge nylon butterfly, a snowman, solar lanterns and candles, not to mention all the plants. The inside of the car is just as bad and when I ran into this lady in the Dollar Store, there was no doubt she was the owner of this beautiful vehicle.

I can only imagine what her yard looks like, and how annoying it would be to have her as a neighbor.


  1. LOL!!! And here I thought we had some "different" cars around here.....

    Actually, I'm surprised she hasn't been ticketed for....obstruction of view.....or SOMETHING by now.

  2. Gigi, she drives this car everywhere. I thought the same thing, her view has to be obstructed, and there's a handicap tag hanging from the mirror, right next to the chandelier. Is it function or fashion?

  3. That person could have been my husband before I rescued him from certain hoarding death.


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