Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I know how to pick 'em

Why do I always agree to go out with the wrong guys? Sure they seem normal at the time....

Sunday Hailey had my car and I walked over to her house to get it. On the way, a guy on a motorcycle stopped  talk to me. He wound up giving me his number and saying  he would like to take me out to dinner sometime.

So, like an idiot,  I sent him a text and we were supposed to go out to dinner tonight. We were meeting at 7 and I had a long day at work, I actually had to work overtime.

Anyway, when I got home I sent him a text to confirm. No reply, so I didn't get ready, instead I finished shaving the dog.

At 7:15 I get a text:

"Sorry baby, still at work"


First of all, don't call me baby, bitch. I'm not your baby and you just stood me up. It doesn't matter that I didn't show up either, I tried to contact him.

The picture on this post is not him, but it is how I shall remember him from now on. Never trust a guy on a motorcycle in  parking lot on Sunday. Come to think of it, all the stores were closed, what was he doing there?


  1. Darling you r not alone. Have a read of this: I posted it a few weeks ago. I never made it to the date stage either - thank goodness ... I think it will make u feel a bit better :-)


  2. yet you totally ignore the fact that you left a trail of broken hearts behind you at work. mine included! love ya. michael c.

  3. that sucks, but you still got it.


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