Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another outstanding award for Salt Lake City

I love Utah, I really do. Although I long for the green of the east coast I think that Utah is a beautiful place and a great place to raise children.

I just might have to move now though. Apparently we are the second worst dressed city in the nation. Coming in 3/10th's of a point above Anchorage where even more fashion challenged people live.

Oh, the horror of it all! Those damn polo shirts have done us in. According to a quote from the article, “ Male or female, there are only so many ways to rock a polo shirt.”

A while ago someone I know was visiting from Arizona and said that people could tell she wasn't from here by the way she dressed. Guess this is what she meant, I never saw her in a polo shirt.

I myself, am not guilty of the polo shirt debacle. I contribute in other ways, like refusing to wear a coat in the winter and instead layering on enough clothes to make it almost impossible to use the restroom in a public place.

I've also worn my fuzzy, AC/DC pajama pants to Walmart a time or two. Guess it's time to clean out my closet and help Salt Lake clean up it's image.


  1. i have traveled through all of the 48 contiguous states and if polo shirts are the only thing they are complaining about for Utah, it should be getting a much better place on that list. deep south i have seen things on people at work that will make your eyes fall out. been a while but i still love you. michael c.

  2. The polo shirt is what brought this on? I'd demand a new vote because I can think of worse things.

  3. Obviously the judges have never been to Hartford, CT or the south! A polo shirt would improve these places. AC/DC jammies? I want them! You're a riot. Hugs!

  4. Hahaha ! Well let me tell you, even though London is meant to be a city of stylish people, I think that applies to only 1 percent of the population. People here cannot dres for s**t !!! (And I'm sure people look at me and think exactly the same thing !!) I've never rocked a polo shirt though, that's not to say I wouldn't !! Because I would ROCK it !


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