Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whose fault is this?

   So Hailey moved out. She has abandoned me to live with her boyfriend. I can't believe it either. The nerve of that kid! We started moving her on Wednesday and I got the cold from hell, I was pretty much a walking ball of mucus and soreness. I kind of wanted someone to kill me or at least let me go home and stop moving boxes. Since neither was happening I toughed it out and helped her move.

  Once she was out, in between uncontrollable crying jags (not really but I want her to feel guilty when she reads this) I started thinking about what my house would look like with Hailey gone.

  That's when the clouds parted and the sun shone in because never again would all my dishes be in her room with science projects growing on them. Never again would I have to make a path to the washer and dryer. Never again would I go in the bathroom and find the toilet paper on the back of the tank because I'm the only one who knows how to replace it. Never again would there be 25 half empty soda cans calling all the neighborhood bugs to my house.

If I had felt better I would have done a little happy dance since I didn't I started re planning my use of the house. Hailey has had the basement for a while so I decided to move all my crafts down there and move my bed into the craft room instead of in the little tiny spare bedroom.

Of course, all of this will have to wait for another day because, as I may have mentioned, I'm  a walking ball of mucus.

Today after taking the kids grocery shopping and helping them get the last of their boxes unpacked I came home to enjoy the Super Bowl. I thought I might make some baby quilts while I was watching and somehow, during the course of the football game my craft room has now taken over my entire house.

 The picture above is my family room, no that is not a homeless person sleeping on the couch, that's more fabric, in case I needed it. I'm just glad it's too dark to see into the kitchen, Clementine still needs to do the dishes, just as soon as I get her some opposable thumbs.


  1. Now she can make a mess in her own space! I wish her the best on this new venture and for Mom to enjoy the new clean space she has been given back! Hugs. Feel better too1

  2. That would be so hard :(

    But it's exciting you can have a crafting space. I LOVE sewing. That sounds like a blast.


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