Thursday, February 9, 2012

Which way to the nursing home?

Well, it's happened. Terrie is going to have to take care of me and Angie, we are both too senile to live alone.

Yesterday I was writing a blog post for and I was comparing moving the contents of one room of my house to another to a game of musical chairs. Except I couldn't remember what that game was called. I had to google -children's game involving music and chairs- you would think just typing that out would remind me, but no, I had to wait for Google's answer.

In my defense it's been a lot of years since I played musical chairs. If I was comparing my house to beer pong I would have had no trouble remembering.

It was all good, everyone had a good laugh at my expense, mostly because I put my stupidity on Facebook for everyone to see. It's important here that you remember Angie (my youngest sister) had a good laugh at my expense.

So today at work we were reminded of the Jello potluck. Only in Utah would you celebrate National Jello Week with a jello potluck. On the way home from work Angie and I stopped so she could get the ingredients for her potluck dish- jello of course.

After I got home my phone rang, it was my sister, Angie.

"Hi sister, look, these directions are confusing me."

"Umm, you are confused about how to make jello?"

"I know, it's only three sentences so I'm probably over thinking it, but I'm confused."

I couldn't stop laughing, this from the sister who made fun of me for not remembering the name of musical chairs. I told her to step away from the jello and meet me outside, it's time we turned ourselves in. I'm not sure the nursing home knows we've escaped.

Now in my sisters defense, we are not from Utah, and we are not a jello family. I don't actually remember ever being served Jello so it's not her fault. The only jello we know anything about comes in little white paper cups and has alcohol in it.

All I can say is I hope Terrie is ready for us, we really can't be trusted alone anymore.


  1. You might get a discount rate this way! It happens to the best of us. Jello shots! Yeah baby!

  2. I am pretty sure that the only Jello worth eating is the kind containing alcohol, so she really doesn't need to bother "learning" how to actually make any other version.. just sayin
    ~~ Maureen

  3. National Jello Week?! The fact that you were actually attending a jello potluck would be more concerning to me. Is it only jello-like foods allowed? That would seem rather boring.

  4. Hahahaha! I do ridiculous things all the time and I have yet to hit 30! I can't stand jello so a jello potluck would be my version of hell!

  5. Having a good eye day so I came to visit and what do I see? You are om Utah but not from Utah too? Priceless! You had me laughing pretty hard lady. Thanks for sticking with me during this annoying time I'm going through. If my eye's hold out I'll be back soon!

  6. Jello Pot-Luck is a new one on me. I mean, how many different kinds of jello are there? Jello with fruit. Without Fruit. With Nuts. Without nuts. Hmmmm. I guess they do things different in Utah.

    You didn't forget -- your mind was just operating on a higher plane.


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