Friday, January 6, 2012

Where's ma money?

So today was payday at that place I work. I have direct deposit so usually I give my paycheck no thought at all. Money goes in, money comes out, all without me having to lift a finger. My bills are set up to  auto pay on payday, otherwise I'd forget and then that's when I become homeless. It's better not to rely on me.

Well, there was some glitch in our payroll system so the banks didn't get the direct deposit info so, no check. Ok, I still wasn't too worried, I mean, eventually they have to pay me, right?

I checked my account, $1.32, hmmm, this could be a problem. See I'm one of those people who will not keep all their money in one bank. And by "all" my money I mean the minuscule amount in savings at another bank and the $20 in my underwear drawer. So I couldn't just transfer money to cover my ass.

Our HR department sends out an email that says this has been fixed and checks will be deposited throughout the day....or Monday. Not to worry!

Now my account is a negative because more bills went through and I have stuff bouncing all over the valley. Fortunately I have overdraft protection so now I just owe the bank my entire paycheck in overdraft fees. No problem.

However, the liquor store will not take an IOU so now we have a problem. I may go postal except I don't work for the post office so I'm not sure exactly how that would work.

Send wine, and maybe french fries.


  1. That's one of the reasons I drive all the companies I use bats, by still insisting on paper bills and checks. I would go insane worrying about something like this. Seems like your employer should be responsible for the fees but I know how that sort of thing goes.

  2. That totally bites and is something I worry about constantly. Hope it gets resolved soon.

  3. You're going to give me nightmares about the time last year we had our Scottish bank account closing when our Irish cell phone company tried to take a payment from it and it looked like we tried to buy stuff with a closed account. Since we couldn't easily call the bank, it was a mess of letters, emails, and broken skype calls. It took weeks to work out...stupid phone companies!


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