Saturday, January 7, 2012

When all else fails, shop

So my check is still not in the bank. What to do, what to do? Why shop of course! I spent a lovely day wandering from store to store. I started at the local thrift store because I had some things to donate and since I was there, what's the harm in taking a peek?

I found two lovely things, a mirror for my bedroom, when I finish remodeling it of course. I have a beautiful canopy wrought iron bed so I will paint this either black or white.

I also found a unique picture frame for Hailey's new apartment. The apartment I still have not accepted.

Then I hit the craft stores. Craft stores are like crack for me. Now I've never personally done crack but I imagine that feeling I get when I walk in there has got to be close. The possibilities! I spent five hours at craft stores today. It was Heaven.

I bought tulle for Ivy and material for infinity scarves and stuff to make one of those fancy little bulletin boards, and a project for Hailey's new place and more fabric- I may have an addiction-and paper dolls, and ribbon and beads, oh my!

But my absolute favorite thing I bought today is a nutcracker. I know Christmas is over but I collect nutcrackers and this little lovely was just waiting for me. A crafting nutcracker, isn't she beautiful!! I have nutcrackers that represent other people in my life, a fireman, Elvis, but this is the first one that represents me. I think I will put her on my dresser for a while.

I came home to hell. If you've ever met my daughter you know that she and cleaning are not really acquainted. This is the weekend she and her boyfriend decided to clean out their rooms for the move. Hailey has saved every piece of paper she's ever written on since kindergarten. Not because she is sentimental but because she is too lazy to throw them out.

So I came home to boxes and overflowing trash piles everywhere. She also mentioned something about doing laundry but I'll believe that when I see it.

She has a few boxes of things to donate, that means another trip to the thrift store. I hope my check goes in the bank soon so I can see what other goodies I can find.


  1. I love that mirror - I've been wanting one just like it. Hmmmm....I may have to hit the thrift stores today.

  2. I wish I had seen her first! Then I could have gotten the perfect present for my beautiful friend. The nutcracker is absolutely perfect for you!

  3. That mirror would go perfect in my room. Dont change the color its the same color of my bedroom set. So if you decide its not what you wanted let me know, I'll take it off your hands. :-)


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