Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sometimes I'm crazy

I know what you're thinking but it really is only sometimes that I'm crazy. Today, maybe tomorrow and a little bit yesterday.

I have too much to do. Not really, I don't have to anything but go to work, when I come home I could fall into a coma every night if I wanted cause I'm the boss of me.

Instead, I find projects for myself. I think right now I'm trying to stay busy so I won't think so much about Hailey moving out next week. So I create.

Tonight I made dinner, a scarf,  worked on another scarf,started dresses for the wee girls in my life, made a pair of moccasins for Baby Cook, crocheted  a bib, wrote several blogs, did  yoga, cleaned the kitchen and now I'm crashing.

The bad thing about these projects is that I have no attention span so nothing ever gets finished, there is just a whole lotta starting going on. So although it sounds like I did a crap ton of stuff tonight here is what I really did.

Reheated leftovers that are still sitting on the stove.
Sewed a scarf the wrong way and put it aside to fix another day.
Appliqued fabric hearts onto two t shirts that will be dresses when I get around to sewing the tulle on the bottom.
Stitched the moccasins, I cut the fabric out a few nights ago.
Worked one side of the bib and about ten rows on the scarf.
Did fifteen minutes of yoga.
Threw away the trash in the kitchen and piled the dishes.

In between all of that I added to the three blog pages that I had open so that I could dazzle you with my brilliance. And this is what you get.

I think the doctor sad I have ADD but I really wasn't paying attention.


  1. yes, i know you know we were thinking it so i'll say it. you are always crazy...it's just the degree we all wonder about at any given time. love ya anyways, michael c

  2. Too bad we didn't live closer together. We could both be crazy and do nothing much together!

  3. At least you are starting projects. I have so many things I need/want to do around here but just can't seem to find the motivation.

  4. At least you are starting projects. I have so many projects that I need/want to do around here and I just can't find the motivation.

  5. THATS MY GIRL !!!!!


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