Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolutions are hard.............

Right now I'm whining. For four whole days I've been super fantastic about my resolutions, I've been the queen of resolutions, I've been kicking my resolutions ass! For four whole days. Where's my cookie? I want a gold star, dammit, I want some recognition.

So yeah, I've quit smoking, what do you mean you can tell? I've quit in the past so I know the drill. First I'm so hyper it's like I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew, then I crash, then I'm hyper, then I crash, on and on it goes until I start smoking again- which I'm not doing this time, or Hailey has me committed.

Today I crashed. I came home, sat at the computer to read blogs and write but instead I ate almost an entire package of Oreos and took a three and a half hour nap.

So here's the damn blog I resolutioned (is that even a word?) to write everyday. I'm finishing off the Oreos and going back to bed.


  1. Being lazy, reading blogs, and eating an entire bag of oreos sounds like my kind of day!

  2. That sounds like my kind of day, too. I LOVE oreos.

    P. S. I think you're doing great. I wish I could make you some cookies. ;)

  3. Sweetie, I know. Oh, I know. I quit some time ago (sadly, I've started back - the trick is once you've successfully quit - no matter how long it's been *cough, five years* don't even have ONE for old time's sake!) and I remember.

    I'm trying to get up the gumption to quit again.

    In the meantime, here's your gold star, your cookies and a big old hug.

    You CAN do this. Once you get past three days it's all about breaking the "habit" (or so they say).

  4. i have a real hatred for cigarettes, i wont go into that now, but i have always thought if you take the most beautiful woman in the world and put a cigarette in her mouth she becomes ugly. you are way too beautiful for those things! Keep going, beautiful. love ya too much, Michael C

  5. If you lay off the cigarettes I will send you more dunkin k cups...Love You Momma


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