Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A place of her own

So Hailey is getting a place of her own. The child I thought I would never have. The child I went through hell to conceive and then spend 45 long minutes in labor with, is leaving me. I know, I know, I can't believe it either, I mean seriously, I'm the best mom in the world.

I understand that she feels the need to spread her wings and fly, she wants to make it out in this big, cold world on her own. There is plenty of time for that when she is 40. But will she listen? Of course not.

I remember being 18, back when I knew everything, I could not wait to leave home. Three weeks later I wanted to come home. Fortunately for her, my mother was smart enough to move and not tell me where she was until I was finally able to figure out how to pay my bills on my own.

I've told Hailey she should enjoy this time. This is the last time in her life that she will have hot water, electricity, clean clothes and food in her stomach paid for by someone else. From here on out it will be pork and beans and the layered look.

There is a part of me that is excited for her, and for me. I keep thinking I can actually clean the house and this time next year, it will still be clean. I may never have to pick up wet towels off the floor again. My dishes will not sit in her bedroom until they look like a science experiment.

When Hailey was born I knew this day would come, I just had no idea it would come before I was dead. When she was younger I had her pretty convinced that she could never leave me because she would have to take me grocery shopping when I got old. Now she knows about meals on wheels and I'm on my own.

I guess maybe it's time for me to grow up, since my kid seems hell bent on it.


  1. Oh Miss, I know exactly how you feel! How dare they leave us? Well, just leaves more time for us to sip our wine and fall in love:)

  2. So, you have a spare room. I'll be on my way up there. You can take care of me and Kenny like you did Hailey as long as you like. I'll sacrifice myself to your need to take care of someone. love you, Michael C.

  3. I remember when my son moved out.

    And I remember, three years later, when he moved back in.



  4. Come on over Mike, after a teenager girl you and Kenny will be a piece of cake!

    And Pearl, I'm not sure if those are kind words or a threat!


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