Wednesday, January 4, 2012

People watching at work

So apparently I have some time on my hands. I transferred to a new position at my company and am in training, once again. I don't train well, I have a very short attention span and I already know everything so get on with it already.

Anyway, while the lovely people on my new team are trying to pound basic points into my head I'm people watching. I love people watching and all this training is giving me some extra time to indulge in this guilty pleasure.

Today I noticed that friends in the workplace will dress alike. That's very cute if you are the bobsy twins, or even Barbie and her slutty friend, you know the one, she was all over Ken when Barbie wasn't looking..... Focus, focus.

So, I noticed that not only do friend dress alike but that they also wear the same clothes! Not the exact same clothes of course but if one of them wears low riding skinny jeans, so does the other. If one has a body hugging turtleneck on, so does the other one.

When I see this I want to impose a new work dress code rule because this is causing me physical pain. If you insist on wearing the same size 1 clothes as your co worker then you too should be a single digit size, just saying. I'm sure camel toe and muffin top are not the looks you're are going for.

Also, those 6 inch stripper heels, they are dead sexy on the girls in the office who can walk in them, but then there's the friend, in her too tight skinny jeans taking mincing baby steps in shoes she can't walk in. Guess what? Not freaking sexy! This is actually a little painful to watch.

A true friend will tell you these things but since we are just office acquaintances I will leave that up to your real friends.


  1. Maureen and I have a favorite saying whenever we notice one of the types mentioned above... Doesn't that poor girl have friends OR a mirror? :)

  2. Randa my sisters and I say the same thing!

  3. That gives a good muffin a bad name.

    Where are the high waited jeans when you need then?

  4. I love reading your blogs, I read every single one. They make me smile, & feel like I'm kind of in your head & understand you a little better lol
    But mom & Aunt Angie (& myself or course) love people watching also, its the main thing we do while out! So it must be a family thing (:
    Love ya!

  5. People watching is a favorite hobby of mine. Girls make the best subjects as they can have the wildest fashion sense and sometimes seem to dress without a mirror!

  6. I'm laughing so hard right now my side hurts@ Muffin top and camel toe? Holy Hells bells!

  7. That reminds me of a place I worked where the executive's wives all mimicked the wife of the company president in clothing and hair style. It was obvious, and comical. Then again, I have the fashion sense of a turd. What do I know. Maybe fashion cloning is cool.

  8. Oh my NOT get me started on the girl at work who INSISTS on wearing stripper shoes (thank God, without the matching outfit - no, she'd rather pair them with dowdy outfits; like that "sexifies" it somehow) and can't walk in them! Every time she shuffles past my desk I want to yell, "Pick up your feet!" I've also been tempted to anonymously email here the eHow guide to walking in heels.


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