Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I need one of those exercise chairs, someone invent one please.

It's been lovely having my computer back, I've been able to catch up on everyone's blogs and even comment a little. I'm getting caught up on the blogs I write for Families.com, which is good because I was feeling like a major slacker.

At work we are doing a weight loss challenge and since I would like to go outside in shorts and a tank top this summer and not frighten small children with my bat wing arms, I thought I would join.

As usual this was the brain child of the skinny women in the office. Why are they always the first one to jump on the lets get skinny bandwagon? Oh wait, that's probably why they are skinny, never mind.

Anyway, we had to weigh in on Monday and I want you to know that the scale they use is a filthy liar! I've never weighed that much in my life! Guess it's a good thing I'm doing this weight loss thing huh?

Yesterday I was pretty good, I didn't eat anything bad for me and even exercised for like five minutes. My whole problem is that my life is spent on my ass. At work, I sit in a chair at a computer, all day. Then I come home, sit in a chair at the computer and read and write, all night long.

So really, I think you guys need to take some of the responsibility for the size of my big, big bottom, after all, it's your blogs and Facebook posts I'm reading all night.

I wasn't so good today. I ate some licorice at work, and when I came home I was starving. So while dinner was cooking I ate Oreos. Just don't tell Trina, last time she found out I ate a whole package of Oreos she gave me a lecture about my arteries. Damn her and her healthy arteries. She's just jealous that I have Oreos and she doesn't.

So I need to find a way to exercise while sitting on my butt eating Oreos. Any ideas?


  1. So i am on the weight loss kick also. I was told to get one of the big balls that you use in arobics and sit on it instead of a chair at work. I was told that it takes alot of calories to balance yourself through out the day and helps build your core muscles...i am actually thinking about maybe buying one and trying it....

  2. Wish I knew...but I don't exercise. I'm allergic to it.

  3. That is exactly what I'm trying to figure out for myself. If you get any good ideas, let me know and I will do the same. I've got lots of Oreo's. Chocolate/chocolate Oreo's. Mmmmmm. I'm sure this new doctor will give me an earful tomorrow when I get my physical.


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