Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do dogs need friends?

So between my kid leaving me and my dog ignoring me, I just don't know what to do with myself lately. I've been writing, a lot, and I've also been crafting, I love to craft and when Hailey was little I couldn't wait for the time I could spend an uninterrupted day in my craft room.

Be careful what you wish for. Now I could spend a year in there and that kid wouldn't notice, unless we were out of ramen noodles or toilet paper.

In the middle of all of this I've been feeling sorry for Clementine. I know I really shouldn't, bossy little thing that she is, but Hailey really does pay more attention to her than I do. I'm thinking maybe I should get her a dog. Clementine, not Hailey.

The only problem is that Clementine doesn't really like other dogs. There are some dogs she likes but most of them she attacks. When you weight nine pounds this is not a good way to make friends or even make it to your next birthday.

We got a second dog a while ago. A beautiful German Shepherd named Sadie. I loved her little face, Clementine hated her. This poor puppy could not get a seconds peace. Even when she was asleep Clementine would attack her. I stuck it out for about two months thinking Clem would come around but it got so bad that I thought Clementine was going to have a stroke. She would get so worked up at the sight of Sadie that she was shaking  and growling and drooling while she was lunging and biting. Poor Sadie, poor Clementine. I was also afraid that Sadie was going to get tired of Clem attacking her and accidentally hurt her, after all, at six months she had her by about forty pounds.

So I found a home for Sadie, she's happy, Clementine's happy but I miss her. Now I'm thinking Clem needs a friend to play with. Maybe I'll take her to the pound with me and let her pick one out. I'll have to see what the return policy is, just in case.


  1. She sounds more like a loner to me.

  2. Opposite sex dogs usually do better together than same sex dogs. We just went through bringing home a tiny guy from the shelter, and my big dog (80 pounds) hated him and it wasn't working at all. I found a home and a good one for the new baby, but I thought I could work it out for a while. Not worth the disruption to the household. Think about fostering a little male. That would give yo a chance to see if it works before you commit.

  3. She's a bully eh? haha. That's too bad because two dogs are good for each other. Hope you can work something out. Might be good for you too since your daughter is moving out. Who knows right? Hugs.


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