Sunday, December 11, 2011

Texts between friends

Everyone I know is sick, we have all been sick for weeks. Just when we think it's going to go away it comes back and brings some new friends.

One of  best friends is sick, I'm not going to tell you which friend to protect her identity, you will understand why in a minute. Today she texted me, follows is exactly what was said:

Friend: OMG!!!!!! Cough cough sniff sniff blow! Shit shit....shit myself and puke. Ain't life grand

Friend: Oh wait, Puke cough choke on puke...shit myself...wish for death...merry fu**ing Christmas

Me: I'm sorry I am still sick but not that bad

Friend: At least I'm still laughing at myself as I wish for death

Friend: And hey I have lost three pounds since I woke up this morning

Me: You are too much

Me: I found it. It was at the bottom of my cookie jar

Friend: Is that where you hide your mind?

Friend: I have found mine in the gutter many times

Me: No just the weight you lost

Friend: LOL I am a little slow

Friend: Miss you

Me: Miss you too

I think she may have a fever, she sounds a little delirious but she almost made me snort coffee out of my nose.

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  1. I love it. It's better than just plain whining and wishing you were dead! Great post. Hope all are better quickly!


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