Sunday, December 18, 2011

Online Shopping

I love online shopping, you find all sorts of things that are not at your neighborhood Walmart. I like to find different gifts, things that someone wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves.

While I was searching I cam across Now I want one! They have the coolest personalized address plaques to put your street address out there for everyone to see, they truly have something for everyone's tastes.

My favorite are the address posts, you get a beautiful post plus a custom address plaque. Of course my yard is so small that the post would take up the whole thing. They also have plaques for your mailbox.

Such a great idea for gift giving, one for someone else and one for yourself. They also have solar address plaques, which I love, I'm all about being green.

Check them out and dress up your house. I'm going back to searching unique gifts for people I love, mainly me of course, but I may find something for someone else!

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