Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just call me Martha-Betty, or maybe Betty-Martha

The joy of the weekends before Christmas. That's when I run around like the energizer bunny on crack, so much to do and so little time because I am a major procrastinator.

This weekend I was channelling Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart, even the dog is afraid. First there are goodies to be baked. Cake pops, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal pomegranate cookies, chewy chocolate drops, cream cheese mints, peanut butter fudge. On and on and on it goes. I have to make extra because I eat a lot and I still want to be able to send some to my parents. And then of course Hailey sneaks large containers of stuff out of the house to feed her teenage friends, that alone can eat up an entire day's worth of baking.

And then there was Martha, I made a scarf and gloves for Ivy, so cute. My brother and my cute sister in law are having their first baby this little angel will be 2000 miles away so since I can't snuggle it every chance I get I want it to be wrapped in goodies that I made.

I found this cute little tutorial at The Purl Bee for making little felt baby shoes. I may have gotten carried away. We don't know what the little one is yet so I just want to make sure my bases are covered. I've started quilts for both sexes as well. I know quite a few preggos right now so I think they will all have plenty of baby shoes.

Now, I'm just tired.  I'm having box wine, cheddar cheese and yellow mustard, because in addition to channelling Martha and Betty, I'm extremely classy.


  1. I got tired just reading all that you are doing! I've just lost my energy. Amazing what back and knee pain has done to me. I'll bake my Christmas bread for breakfast on Christmas Day and maybe one cookie but that's a lot. Maybe by the 25th I'll get my whole 24 mini ornaments on my little 2' tree too. Ahhhh.

  2. I want to be classy too. Cheese and wine sound awesome. I just started Christmas shopping two days ago. I have a feeling this won't end well LOL! I need to get busy :0)

  3. I'm new to your blog, but when I read "energizer bunny on crack," I thought, "I like it here." Then you named all those yummy treats, and I love it here.


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