Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My pirate doggie

Poor, poor Clementine. First she got stuck with me as her human, now this! I love my little dog, she is most definitely part of our family. I make fun of her just like I do Hailey, it's how I parent.

For instance, her little feet turn out so she could never be a show dog, and she has one hell of an under bite and I refuse to pay for braces for her crooked little teeth. So I'm always teasing her about it, and to top it off, I make her wear sweaters in the winter. Once I even bought her a raincoat and boots, but she ran away and wouldn't come home until I threw them in the trash.

I know people say that dogs don't have human emotions but they have never seen how embarrassed Clementine gets when I give her a haircut at home. Trust me, that doggie feels human emotions and since she lives with me the one she feels most often is shame and humiliation. She's a very proper little doggie, I, on the other hand, am not.

But as usual, I've gotten away from the whole point of this post. A few months ago we noticed Clementines eye looked kind of blue and cloudy and more bulgy than usual. Yes bulgy is a word in our house, it means sticks out more. As a shih tzu her eyes always bulge a bit but this was bulgy even for a bug eyed dog.

Off to the vet we went, he looked at her said she was having tear duct problems and it was causing inflammation and swelling. He gave me some drops and said to use them twice a day. We've been doing this off and on for months but it just kept getting worse.

Because I live to tease people  I kept telling Clementine that she need to shape up and fix her eye because if she needed surgery we were gonna have to put her down. Now before the animal lovers jump on me you have to know I was kidding. I say things like that to everyone, it's how I deal with things.

I took her back to the vet yesterday and the lens in her eye had collapsed and there was a lot of swelling in the back of her eye. He said it would have to come out. To the tune of $800. Holy shit batman!

I made the appointment for today because he said all the swelling was causing pressure and pain so it was best to do it as soon as possible. Not once did I tell her I was gonna have to put her down, but I did tell Hailey that Santa won't be paying us a visit this year.

My sister, always helpful, suggested we sneak up behind Clementine and scare the hell out of her so the eye would just pop out, that way I could save $800. Trina said we could get her a seeing eye dog if the other eye does the same thing. I think I'm gonna have both of them put down.

Anyway, she's home they say she did well. She's happy, wagging her tail and hating that collar they put on her. The first thing she did was try to pick up her ball so she could play fetch. I know it's rude but I might have laughed a little watching her try to maneuver that cone to pick up the ball.

 I'm sad that my poor baby doggie had to go through this but glad that now she won't have any more pain in her head. I'm going to make some cute little eye patches for her so the other dogs at the dog park can't make fun of her. We'll use that eye socket as a fashion accessory dammit!

I love you Clemmie, you one eyed, duck footed, crooked teeth little mess. But you're my mess I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I agree -- pet dogs are sometimes more humans that humans are. Clementine is lucky to have you as a mom. All she wants in her whole life is to please you.

  2. Poor little doggie! Poor you. I imagine this was't easy for you either. But I'm glad she's home safe and sound. Can't wait to see her sporting her eye patch.

  3. Dee Ashby- LjungbergNovember 24, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    Carol you crack me up!!! I miss ya and I will have to meet this doggie "hot mess" you have.I loved teasing Ruby when she was with us.... I'm glad Clemmie's surgery when well. Take care, Love ya

  4. I really miss her,we had so much fun when I was need to throw her ball then go with her to pick it up and put it inside her cone...cmon Mom help her out!!!

  5. Poor, darling doggie. Sooo cute! I'm praying for both of you.

    I think dogs have human emotions too ;)

  6. Aw... you're a good doggy mommy. I'm the same with my Chihuahua, Dixie. Her feet turn out, too, but she's the most beautiful little thing in the world to me and I'd sell a kidney to pay for anything she needed.

    Visiting from our mutual friend, Linda Medrano.


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