Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello, hello, hello...........

Just dropping in quickly to say hello. I'm at 5474 words, I'm kicking this novels ass! I think it's good, I hope it's good, I want it to be good!

Somehow I'm managing to keep up with the blogs that I write for so I thought I should stop by here and say hello.

I'm still reading all your blogs, commenting occasionally, but if I comment too often I get to caught up in blogs and I'm afraid I won't write.

So know I'm reading everything you write, living vicariously through the lives you guys have. We will have my little Ivy Love this weekend so I'm trying to get a little bit ahead of the writing so I have time to enjoy her company. The picture above was taken last weekend when Hailey took her to the pumpkin patch.

We may go see Puss and Boots this weekend, we may not. However, I'm sure there is a finger painting mess in my future and I can't wait!

See you all soon!


  1. Well then, you surely aren't vicariously living through my blog - because my life isn't that darn interesting. Have fun with Ivy!

  2. Good luck with the writing. Enjoy your weekend with the wee one. Sounds like you are busy!

  3. Hi glad you came over to visit. Good luck with the writing. It's not an easy task. If I can be nosy what is your novel about? I see Elisa is following you. She's my neighbor and friend.. Love that girl. have a great rest of your weekend. I will be following you. :)

  4. You're living my life through me? Would you please empty my dish washer?

    Hugs, my friend.

  5. Well, that little Punkin is the prettiest in the whole patch!

  6. What? You think I had I love Lucy hair coming? I'm shocked and appalled! lol Not really. I probably did have it coming.

  7. Woman! HOws the writing going? No word about that in a while now.. Keep us posted. Thanks for swinging by. No worries my weeks will be great. Just need to pull my head out and organize. (which happens to NOT be my specialty!)


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