Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wanna be my pretend boyfriend?

They’ve thought of everything. Now, if you are single and want to make people think you are in a relationship you can have a fake girlfriend. I’m not kidding, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I had to try it.

First I texted Hi to 212-804-6979 and immediately received a text that said, Oh hai! (o:. You are supposed to save this number in your phone under your imaginary girlfriends name, then when you are out with the boys you send a text to that number, it will text you back and then call you. I waited patiently for the call, this girl was making me look like a fool in front of the guys.

Oh wait, I’m a girl, there are no guys, this is just a test. I’m still waiting………. So while I was waiting for my amazing fake girlfriend to call me, which she never did by the way, I googled “fake girlfriend” there were 119,000,000 results- seriously??

There is even a wiki page to tell you how to create a fake girlfriend or boyfriend. Then I stumbled across a site called, interestingly enough,, real girls, imaginary relationships. OMG!! You can even break up with her when you are done with the relationship and she will send you a letter begging you to take her back.

This is taking the imaginary friend from your childhood to a whole new level of weirdness. How are you going to bring her home to meet the family? Will she die in a tragic car accident before everyone meets her and then you won't have to date because you are in mourning?

I’m not sure why you would need this, really, what’s the point? If I have an imaginary boyfriend I need more than a few random texts, he should at least take out the trash once in a while.


  1. You know, you've think you've heard it all....and then something like this comes along!

  2. I really do see the point of a fake boyfriend. You don't have to cook for them, or pick up their socks. It feeds your fantasy! Nothing wrong with a fake boyfriend. I may even get one myself to make my husband jealous. Or maybe I'll just get me a fake husband to go with the real one.

  3. LInda you may be on to something here, I'll wait until I get a real boyfriend and then I'll make him jealous with my fake one!


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