Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Going all Zen and needing a hip replacement

So my life has been a little crazy lately. It's all good right? Everything works out in the end, this too shall pass and any other platitude you can think of . I thought maybe I needed to do something relaxing for myself.

The rec center has a yoga class that sounded like just the thing. Last night I went to yoga, I was going to exercise because everyone knows that's good for stress relief but then I remembered exercise was making me fat, so yoga seemed like just the thing.

The music was very relaxing, everyone was calm and quiet, I actually could have taken a nap in there. Then about 45 minutes in our cute little instructor was "opening our hips" by doing some stretches that most people over 5 are not capable of.

I was very proud of myself because even though it was my first class I was able to keep up. It was very relaxing and I enjoyed it immensely. I came home, showered and slept the sleep of the very relaxed.

That wonderful feeling lasted most of the day but then after sitting in my chair at work all day, my hip started to hurt. After about an hour I was limping cause my freaking hip was hurting. Now I think I need a hip replacement. My hip is screaming, I guess I opened it too much.

Now I'm wishing I had saved all those emails about defective hip replacement recalls. They must have known something I didn't.


  1. Oh sister just wait until tomorrow:)

  2. See? This is why I just stay tense and keep my hips closed!

  3. Keep those hips closed. You'll be fine. A little heat, a little ice, and a bottle of ibprophen and you're going to be good as new! Ouch! Sorry! You need to ease into this yoga stuff, or better yet, eat a chocolate covered cherry and drink a margarita and take a nap!

  4. Hello, I am 56 years old Japanese woman and blog name Orchid, I happened to came your blog. I thought your background was SO lovely♡♡♡
    Sorry about your hip. Hope you are doing fine by now.
    Well, I have read your story about your friend Krissy. I was in tears. One of my close relative used to be Alcoholic and had big trouble with family. Taken to the special hospital and managed to come back. I knew how hard that disease is, it denies person's personality but actually it is a disease and out of control. So sorry that you helped her to get hospitalized and didn't work out.
    Well, it is kind of frustrating that I cannot write in English well. The shock you had is way over my imagination.
    I still cannot get over the sorrow loosing my mom(2,000) and bro(last year,kind of tragic way). Haha, making myself busy blogging kind of helping me.
    Blessing to your sweet heart, Orchid

  5. Here from Mommie Dearest. Love your blog and am your newest follower.

  6. I love my yoga; I have all kinds of interesting thoughts when I am supposed to be focused. And I have been known to sleep during sirvasana.
    (seriously though, I have bursitis in my hips and yoga has actually helped enormously - so stick with it.

  7. Are you serious? You're exaggerating or do you really need a replacement? Makes me nervous.

    I'm gonna nosy around on your blog here, if you don't mind. I don't have much of a life.

  8. Don't worry, I don't need a hip replacement, it just felt like it for a while!


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