Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And August comes to an end

 I'm always sad to see summer leave us, but not this year. This summer has not been kind to my daughter and I just want it to go away. Time for a fresh start, a new beginning.

Usually fall is new beginnings, a new school year, not this year, Hailey is done with high school, it made me a little sad not to take her school shopping. I took her shopping for clothes for her new job instead.

If you've been reading this over the summer you know my baby was supposed to get married. She didn't, I'm not going to go into why, that's their story, not mine. I'm glad. She's too young, he's too young, they have lots of living to do before they settle down.

Life just keeps rolling along. My Momma is coming for a visit, I'm pretty excited about that, it will be the first time she's seen my home. I've been going a little crazy trying to get some projects finished before she gets here. I know she doesn't care, but I do.

I've been neglecting my blog, again, I will try to be better. I'm writing two blogs at Families. com and haven't figured out how to fit this one in, but I will.

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner again so I'll be crazy writing the next great American novel then you can all say you knew me when.

I also need to lose twenty pounds but it seems my motivation has deserted me. Oh well, tomorrow is a brand new month, maybe it will bring with it some gumption.


  1. I'm glad she didn't get married - I mean, I would have been happy for her and rooting for her if she had - but as you say, they are too young and there is still too much growing they need to do before settling in to a life together. As long as she is in a happy place; that's all I want.

    It's hard to believe that it's September already! Where has the year gone?

  2. I'm sorry there was trauma for your daughter. Anything that makes our kids unhappy makes us unhappy. Still, yeah, she was very young. I know it's painful to end a relationship, no matter how old you are. Bless her heart.

  3. Hi. Im so sorry it has been such a rough month.

    I am also needing to lose weight (about 28lbs) So if you need some support give me a shout!


  4. I'm sorry about your daughter. But it sounds like she made a very wise, yet difficult, decision for everyone involved. Hindsight is 20/20 and she'll be able to see that soon enough.


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