Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wedding details will be the death of me

I have missed reading all of your blogs but it seems like I never get a moment to myself. As I write this I am under the blankets with a flashlight and my laptop. Hailey  thinks I'm asleep, if she knew I was awake she would have something else on the wedding list from hell for me to complete. One day soon I'll get to read again, in the meantime I just want to share with you the torment my child is putting me through.

Today was bridesmaid dress shopping. You may remember that my daughter sprung this wedding on me with less than two months notice but just today she realized that the wedding is only 37 DAYS AWAY! She was breathing into a paper bag as she told me where to go. To the dress shops I mean.

Hailey and I were dress shopping alone because one of the hardest things in the world for teenagers to do is coordinate a schedule. We decided she will pick the dresses and the girls can go and try them on when they have time.

Great plan. We went to ten dress shops in less than three hours. We were like the Energizer Bunny on crack. From store to store to store. The wedding colors are canary yellow and rose petal pink. Awwwww. We can find pink every where, the yellow is no where to be found.

At the last store a very nice Asian lady was helping us, we found the perfect pink dress for the maid of honor and it cost less than a kidney transplant so we were on a roll. Then Hailey asked if it came in yellow. The conversation that follows is exact, I can still hear this lady in my head, and I'm still laughing.

Hailey- This dress is perfect. Does it come in yellow?
Sales lady- No, no yellow, yellow no good.
Hailey- Do you have anything similar in yellow, it's the other color of my wedding.
Sales lady- No, no yellow, whites don't like yellow.
Hailey- What?
Sales lady- You Caucasians no like yellow, it's no good.
Me- (as I try not to laugh) We don't really have the skin color for yellow, it doesn't look good on us ( I'm really laughing cause I'm one of those Caucasians who looks horrible in yellow)
Sales lady- Caucasians look good in everything, but they no like yellow, we no have yellow. Choose another color. How about green? You like green?

I almost wet my pants. She was so serious and trying to be so helpful but I really had to get my Caucasian butt out of there. We're still trying to find a store that likes yellow.


  1. LMAO.. I can picture it ~ Maureen

  2. I can picture that too. What a hoot! Good luck shopping!

  3. Now that would have been funny to witness!! Yeah, this caucasian doesn't do yellow either.

  4. Oh God. As I'm reading this (and laughing), I'm thinking, "Huh. I know that *I* don't look good in yellow." Freakin' hilarious.

    I'm so sorry I've missed so much...but please consider my belated CONGRATS to your beautiful daughter.

    Kudos for handling all the stress with such a great sense of humor!


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