Monday, July 25, 2011

Regaining my sanity, one bottle of ribbon tied bubbles at a time

Well hello all of you people who are having much more fun than I am! Just wanted to check in and I promise I will catch up on all of your blogs just as soon as we adjust the crazy around here back to something resembling normal!

I just want to say that I have forgotten how much work goes into a wedding. Maybe I should have talked to them about how romantic eloping is,  a trip to Vegas is faster and less stress inducing.

I'm a little crazy about organization, I make lists, lots and lots of lists. I have lists for everything, I even have lists of my lists. So of course, there are lots of lists for the wedding, what Hailey will wear, what I will wear, Ivy, the bridesmaids. flowers, decorations, ceremony details, you name it, I have a list for it. The only problem is that Hailey and Alex work different shifts than I do so it seems that in the five minutes a day I saw them I was chasing them around beating them with my lists. I started to worry about their paper cuts getting infected so I created, Wedding Command Central.

As you can see it is nicely organized and color coded. We all have a color, me, Hailey, Alex and Alex's mom.  Guess who gets to be purple? That's right, me. You will notice there isn't a color for Hailey's dad. Why, you ask? Because he is being a twatwaffle, but that is a post for another day my friends.

Anyway, the wall of duties is working out, we are slowly getting this shindig together. We have favors,

we have bottles of bubbles tied with ribbon,

we have serving dishes,

the only thing missing is my sanity but I'm working hard to find it. I'm pretty sure it's at the bottom of this wine bottle, and if it's not, by the time I get there, I won't care!


  1. I give you a lot of credit Mom!! When it's over you need a vacation just for yourself!!!

  2. And this is just another reason I'm glad I have a boy. All I should have to worry about is what to wear and the rehearsal dinner.....

    Pop that bottle open, sweetie. I bet your sanity is at the bottom.


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