Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In non-wedding related news........

I just had the strangest phone call from Joycie. She went to a concert with her friend Craig and called me from the bathroom- drunk! She is so freaking funny. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Are you having fun?
Joyce: Yes, but I'm drunk, we drank four bottles of wine and I can't eat alchohol fast enough to soak up the food.
Me: Maybe you should stop drinking.
Joyce:  I did, it's not working, I can't get undrunk.
Me: Where are you?
Joyce: In the bathroom, I had to come in the large stall where the large people come, I hope they can't hear me.
Me: They can hear you, trust me.
Joyce: Did I call you about......the monkeys?
Me" Ummm, no.
Joyce: Are you sure? Didn't we have a conversation about monkeys?
Me: No, pretty sure I would have remembered that. Who did you call about the monkeys?
Joyce: You, I called you!
Me: Ok, what about the monkeys?
Joyce: I'm just thinking about them, that's all.
Me: Ok ( on a side note, neither one of us has or knows any monkeys)
Joyce: I have to go back out but they are playing scary music, can you hear it?
Me: Yes, it sounds like carnival music.
Joyce: Yes! that's it, it's carny folk music, now people are clapping, I gotta go.
Me: Bye, call me if you need a ride
Joyce: Ok, I'll try to see you in the morning. ( We work together, at 6am)

And she's off to party with the carny folk. Bruce Hornsby has never seen anything like Joycie


  1. LOL...she sounds like a riot!! What a brave woman to go out drinking when she has to be at work at 6 in the morning!

    The part about the monkeys made me snort outloud!! I thought maybe she was referring to some kids she nicknamed "the monkeys"!!

  2. Uh Oh! I think I hear a wine hangover coming. Those are the worst!

  3. Sooooo... did she show up for work this morning?


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