Friday, July 8, 2011

Casual Friday

  Who started this casual Friday stuff and why? Are any of us really more comfortable in jeans than in our usual work attire? Maybe the men are, no button down shirts on Friday, they can break out the T-shirts. Do nurses have casual Friday? Are there scrubs sets made to look like denim?

I usually wear skirts to work. No, not those kind of skirts, there is no leg showing her. I wear  hippie, grandma skirts. the ones that come to your ankles and are all big and floaty so no one can tell that you had two candy bars yesterday instead of one. And sandals, nice comfy flat sandals.

When Friday rolls around I feel obligated to wear jeans. When I wake up I'm excited because it's Friday, then I remember I have to wear jeans. I'm such a follower. I really need to break this habit. I can wear skirts on Friday.

Or maybe from now on I will just get my clothes from here,, and casual Friday will be come, "So you wanna be a nurse" day. I think it could work, the dark blue ones kind of look like jeans, from a distance. With one eye closed.


  1. I was so fortunate that my last job was casual and I could wear jeans everyday. So once in a blue moon we'd do dress up day to change it up. But it's so much cheaper than having to worry about dress clothes, dry cleaners, etc. But now I am home and laying down most of the day nursing my aches and pains and have become even more casual than ever!!

  2. Carol,Carol, must realise casual friday is thought up by guys so the ladies WILL wear jeans and we can check out their butts. :p Love ya Michael C.

  3. Alas, our casual Friday does not permit jeans. Although, I have seen a few ladies break out the plastic flip-flops (really??!! If we can't wear jeans, then the flip-flops are definite no-no! Someone needs to alert HR!).

    And yes, you CAN wear skirts on Friday!

  4. Actually, I don't like jeans. They are too stiff a material for me. A pair of Khaki pants are much more comfortable I think. But jeans do look good with stilettos!

  5. Casual Fridays mean comfortable shoes for us guys.


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