Thursday, June 30, 2011

Traveling with Teenagers

So Hailey's month is coming to an end, and boy do I have a doozy of a post for next week! Last week my baby girl turned 18 so we took a little road trip. Hailey loves live theater so I bought four tickets to two shows at Tuacahn. Her guests were her cousin Kyle and her boyfriend Alex.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to travel with these kids. Hailey, Kyle and I have taken road trips before. I always stress out, will they have fun, will they get bored, will they get along? The car ride to St. George reminded me just how much fun these kids are, the history they share is amazing.

These two kids are 2 years and 3 days apart in age, their Momma's are sisters and their Daddy's are brothers. It just sounds weird, it's really not. The first thing Kyle said when he walked in my house to see his baby cousin for the first time was " I hold my baby Aunt Missi?" They are as close as siblings, they
know the same people, watch the same movies, laugh at the same jokes and have shared most of their experiences.

It's a four and a half hour drive to St. George. They spent the first half quoting movies lines to each other, one of them would start a line and the other would finish it and then they would laugh like hyenas. I was laughing so hard, people in the other cars probably thought we were escaped mental patients but I love to hear those kids laugh.

We stopped at a five star restaurant for lunch, nothing but the best for my kids. The boys slept after lunch while Hailey curled up with a book. And her new phone.

The hotel was great and we had a blast, they swam and played cards and ate, boy can those kids eat! The plays were wonderful. Tuacahn is one of the best places to see a play. Kyle reminded me while we were at Grease why he is my favorite,we were sitting watching the play when Kyle leaned over to talk to me. The conversation  went something like this:

Kyle- Aunt Missi, did you say that was a different guy than last night?
Me- What? ( I was thoroughly confused)
Kyle- Oh, wait, that conversation just happened in my head, you didn't hear any of it.

I laughed until I cried. That boy is crazy. After the play he had to get his picture taken with Rizzo because he was in love.

It was a great trip, I hope we have many more like it.


  1. You always make sure the kids have a good time !!

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all!

    And no, the whole two sisters marrying two brothers thing actually sounds kinda of normal - we've had an instance or two of that.

  3. You are a great Mom and Aunt. It sounds like they all had a blast but being the adult, I think you enjoyed and appreciated it more than they did. Good for you!

  4. Keeping up with youngsters keeps us on our toes and is so much fun. But sometimes it is a relief when they leave so you can actually get some rest.


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